Joseph Federico

Vice President, NJ MET, Clifton NJ

Joseph Federico, Clifton NJJoseph Federico, NJ MET Vice President and Director of Operations, in Clifton, NJ, is well-regarded in the global electronics industry in the battle against counterfeit component production. In 2003, following a visit to the Asian-Pacific region to thoroughly assess the growing problem of electronic piracy, Joseph Federico created the world’s first electronic counterfeit component detection program.

NJMET, Clifton NJ

Joseph Federico works from NJ MET's main office and lab in Clifton, NJ. He also oversees the  operations at the other NJ MET sales offices around the world.

Joseph Federico's Counterfeit Detection role

As a result, Joseph Federico’s revolutionary program was adopted by the world’s largest online electronic component trading center in 2006. Joseph Federico has since been invited by major electronic organizations worldwide to share his knowledge of counterfeit electronics and instruct others in how to recognize them. Prior to Joseph Federico, no other American engineer had ever been invited to Israel, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong and China to speak to component distributors and raise awareness of electronic piracy. Joseph Federico holds the honor of being the a recipient of the Israeli ODEM (Diamond) award. Joseph Federico and his father Giacomo have also been presented with the “Keeping America Strong” award hosted on TV's Heartbeat of America show hosted by William Shatner.

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