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I just read the press release from the Digital Journal announcing Transparency Market Research’s Analysis of the Radiation Hardened Electronics Market.  It comes as no surprise that high power semiconductors will be in critical demand in future aerospace space projects.

Here is a contest that calls for engineering creativity and vision: I have always been a big advocate on engineering contests that are fair game with proper compensation.

If you get a chance, I recommend that you read “When it Comes to Counterfeit Part Prevention, Semantics Matter” – a blog post by Kevin Sink. He discusses the need for the revisions to the DFAR regulations that are currently underway.


Three Chinese nationals were arrested for trafficking in stolen Intel and Xilinx chips. A US undercover agent initially expressed interest in buying the electronic components for use on US Navy submarines.  Later in the process , the undercover  agent expressed concern about being caught using stolen semiconductors. The traffickers then offered up counterfeit parts to him instead of the stolen components.  (Read More)

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