Joseph Federico

Vice President, NJ MET, Clifton NJ

About NJMET, Clifton NJ

Thanks to a groundbreaking program created in Clifton NJ, at NJMET, Inc., the imitation electronic devices that have been infiltrating the industry can now be detected and stopped. These unauthentic electronic devices can put many projects and equipment in danger of failing.

NJMET was created to provide a wide and diversified range of laboratory tests and management services for the electronics industry. Utilizing over 35,000 square in Clifton, NJ, NJMET is equipped and staffed to be a single source provider for all testing needs.

NJMET is certified by several industry and government recognized bodies. Since 2014 the company has been DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) QTSL: Qualified Testing Suppliers List Laboratory Suitability Approved. NJMET is AS9100; ISO 9001 Certified. Memberships include ITAR, ASTM and IEEE. NJMET is a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

The  Risk Mitigation Process begins by checking the boxes for any shipping damage or suspect bar code labeling, and then continues on to the component level with the opening of the packages. An in-depth, nearly 100-point, state of the art, inspection process follows, using a detailed checklist of suspect error types. Optical microscopy (digital imaging) is performed to verify the component part number, marking, lead straightness, color, or any anomaly related to the integrity of the devices, such as cracks, dents, scratches, mechanical anomalies, spelling errors, suspect date codes, suspect manufacturers logos, breaks, or corrosion.

With the help of microelectronic testing, NJMET will be able to stop unauthentic electronic devices from being used and potentially putting people’s lives at risk.